Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I/29b Philistine

Another contribution from Stephen Cumming, this time the Philistines:

The spears: I have chosen to represent them wearing leather armour, but it may have been bronze. Most of these are Essex miniatures – I can’t remember where I got the few taller figures from

The light troops: 2 elements of auxilia and 2 of psiloi round off the army. I’m a bit dubious about the Syro Canaanite figures I used for the psiloi, but they’ll do for now! Most figures are from Essex miniatures, the Syro Canaanites being from Magister Militum

The general and chariotry: The Light Chariot General is supported by a single element of chariotry. These figures are from Essex miniatures, apart from the strange archer who is from Hall of Ancient Warriors. The General will be swapped into a more brightly painted chariot once I paint the additional figures to make a DBMM100 army

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