Saturday, 25 July 2009

II/79b Chinese Northern and Southern Dynasties

The latest addition is another army from Marco Boetti, a Chinese Southern Dynasties army. The figures are from Outpost, and are painted with Marco's trademark panache.

The army in all its glory

The mounted units, a 3Kn general, 3Cv, 2LH and Elephant respendent in his colourful glory.

Four elements of 4Sp

The missile troops, with an element of 3Bw, three elements of 4Cb and one of 4Bw

...and finally one element of Artillery and two more of foot. The 4Bd representing the army's regular swordsmen, with the other element (complete with a clump of bamboo!) which would work for raw swordsmen or "dare to die" volunteers, in which case they would be 3Bd, or a 3Wb representing tribal fighters.

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