Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I/6c Early Bedouin

Here we have an Early Bedouin army submitted by Stephen Cumming (Fanaticus name Lydia). His description of the army accompanies the photos:

This is the first wargames army I painted, four years ago. I wouldn’t mind repainting the command element, to make it a little brighter. Also some camels should be painted a much lighter colour. Once I have enough figures painted for a DBMM100 army that should also mean I can field the a and b variants of the army, although without the light chariot option for the General.

The Ax and Ps: The Bedouin foot are all from Essex Miniatures

There are 3 elements of camelry including the General, and one of Light Camelry. The camelry is a mixture of Essex and Magister Militum

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