Wednesday, 22 July 2009

III/48 Rus

Next up is a Rus army I painted a few years ago and sold on Ebay. I have in the past painted and sold several armies that I wish I had kept - this is one of them! All figures are by Two Dragon Miniatures.

The army arrayed - not all options, but v.2.2 legal.

Here we have the General's 4Bd element and two further 3Bd elements. A mixture of Two Dragon's excellent Viking and Rus figures with the addition of a Sxon or two.

Seven elements of 4Sp, a mix of Rus, Viking, and Saxon presenting a nice chaotic shield wall!

Finally two elements of skirmishing bowmen (2Ps) with a couple of baggage elements which I scratch built from spare weapons and miliput to depict piles of loot.


  1. I really like the rectangular shields. Are they the Rus figures?

  2. Yes they are. The round ones are the Viking and Saxons