Saturday, 25 July 2009

III/64 Nikephorian Byzantine

One more from Marco, Nikephorian Byzantine made up from Khurasan and Donnington miniatures. There are more pictures of this army on the DBA Italia site:

Here is the complete army

A closer look at the Kataphractoi (6Kn) element, a deep wedge of lance and mace armed knights, closely supported by bow armed cavalry.

The army's mounted troops, including 6Kn, 3Cv and 2Lh.

Two views of the Skoutatoi and archers (8Bw). Deep formations of bowmen, supported by spear. In this case, Marco has depicted them defending the walls of Byzantium, however, with an aggression of 4, I can't see many occasions when these chaps will be defending!

Finally, the front and back of the army's one blade element (4Bd). These are Menavlatoi, whose members were described as "brave and indomitable in strength. The menavlion was a weapon 6' in length with an 18" head, and a shaft "as thick as a man could grasp".

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