Saturday, 4 July 2009

II/03 Classical Indian

Another contribution from Marco Boetti, a lovely Classical Indian Army, using a variety of manufacturers. More pics can be seen here:

This really is a very nicely put together army, on which a huge amount of time and effort has clearly been spent.

Here we have the infantry, blades and bow. The 3Bw figs are Xyston, and the blade figs are from Outpost.

Inpressively painted and based cavalry - again figs are from Xyston.

2 Light Chariot elements, with superb detailing on the side panels (Xyston)

Two Heavy Chariot Elements with equally impressively rendered side panels!

Finally, the elephants, including a close up of the general's mount. As with the chariois, incredible detail on these chaps, plus beautiful landscaping on the bases. Figures (I believe) from Minifigs.

1 comment:

  1. WOW!...Marco can we have a few top view pictures of the Chariots and the Ellies?.

    The elephants with the tassles are Xyston I think.

    11/10 for this army, I'm just starting to paint one so it comes @ the perfect time.
    Thanks mate! Kingo