Sunday, 26 July 2009

I/38 Libyan Egyptian

Another of Stephen Cumming's armies; I/30 Lybian Egyptian. Here is what he has to say about them:

There are 3 Light Chariot elements (including the General), and 1 of cavalry. The colour scheme for the Pharaoh's chariot is based on a fresco in the British Museum - colourful, but anachronistic. These are Essex Miniatures figures, except the chariot horses have been replaced by Magister Militum horses as they fit the base so much better.

The remainder of the army. The Bd represents the Royal Guard, so should more properly be the Shardana Royal Guard figures that I have yet to paint, rather than the New Kingdom close fighters here. Once I paint more Libyans for my DBMM100 army, I might use some of them rather than the Nubian psiloi, but both are in the DBMM army list, so they are OK. The 4Bd are Museum Miniatures, the remainder being Essex Miniatures.

The Wb elements represent Libyan warriors of the Meshwesh and Libu tribes. They are depicted in Egyptian art as having quite light skins, and tattoos. These are Magister Militum figures.

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