Wednesday, 22 July 2009

III/23 Khmer and Cham

I thought I would post one of the armies I have painted (Fanaticus name Minimus Maximus). This is a Khmer and Cham army I painted a couple of years ago for a competition that I ended up not playing in.

The army arrayed for battle

Here is a close-up of the camp, which is a resin figurine I picked up at a New Age type stall at the local market. I sprayed it matt black, then dry brushed progressively lighter shades of grey in the hope of making it look like a carved granite statue. The groundwork is static grass and dyed horse hair, with some clumps of model railway scenery bushes.

The panzer division! Here we have the General's elephant, a supporting elephant, and an elephant mounted bolt shooter, which in the lists is an artillery element. All figures are by Outpost, apart from the maiden guard escorts on the general's element which I believe are Irregular miniatures. A bit of conversion has gone on with the addition of a wire spear on the non-general elephant's rider, and the replacement of a parasol for the spear on the general's Maiden Guard.

The main bulk of the foot - all Outpost. Here we have 4 elements of spearmen (4Ax) and 2 elements of bow - should be 4Bw, but due to breakages I only had enough figures to base them as 3Bw!!

The rest of the foot (2x2Ps and 1x3Bd), and the lone cavalry element (3Cv). All figures except the blades are Outpost. The blades are armed with the fabled Phak'ak, a strangely shaped axe type weapon. These are from Irregular. You will notice that the Javelinmen are significantly bigger than the blades. They are actually significantly bigger than all the foot, despite being from the same manufacturer and range as most of them. This was a bit annoying, scale-creep betwen manufacturers or ranges is something I have come to expect - but within the same range? Slightly disappointing.

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  1. That's a great looking army! I especially love the detail work you did on the camp and bases. Bravo, sir!