Wednesday, 1 July 2009

II/32 Later Carthaginian

Our very first contribution to get the ball rolling is a Corvus Belli Later Carthaginian Army from Andreas Johansson, also known on the Fanatuicus Forums as "The Last Conformist". Text below in green is Andreas' own description of his army.

The figs are all Corvus Belli. The army is two elements of psiloi short of all options - simply hadn't finished those when I took the photos.

The whole army in all its glory.

The elephantry. They're awfully big to be North African elephants, I know. (El)

Punic cavalry (3Cv) and the Carthaginian commander and his cronies. (3Cv (Gen))

The phalanx. They're meant to look like they're a number of different mercenary units. (4Sp)
Numidians. (2LH and 2Ps)

Gaulish mercenaries. (3Wb)

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